• Emad Kelliny
  • Akram Abdlmesih
  • Michael Nessim
  • Albier Bebawy

Board Members Qualifications & Responsibilities


  • Attend all Board meetings
  • Maintain all Board records and meeting minutes, and ensure their accuracy, confidentiality and safety
  • Review Board minutes at the beginning of each meeting and provide a status or closure on items
  • Provide notice of meetings of the board and keep a recurring schedule


  • Understand financial accounting for nonprofit organizationss
  • Serve as financial officer of the Church
  • Manage the Board's review of and action related to the Board's financial responsibilities
  • Ensure that appropriate financial reports are made available to the Board and to the Diocese on a timely basis
  • Works with the other Board members to ensure cost control in church expenses and maintenance activities

Operations and Maintenance:

  • Responsible for building, equipment, janitorial, grounds, and security
  • Have knowledge and understanding of HVAC, electrical, and communications equipment
  • Manage and supervise outside contractors/vendors and grounds maintenance vendors
  • Identify and rectify problems as they occur as well as personally repair or arrange for repair
  • Must be available for immediate problem resolution at any time


  • Draft, revise, and review all contracts to which the Church is a party
  • Official spokesperson for the Board
  • Represent the Church in dealings with city, county, and community
  • Seek out and retail counsel when needed; work along side counsel

Church Communications:

  • Design and produce Church newsletter and communications (paper or electronic) in English and Arabic
  • Engage volunteers to assist with all aspects of Church communications,including writing for publications, taking photos at events, participating in video development
  • Maintain congregation bulletin boards and postings in the building
  • Manage collection of congregation contact information in a central database and maintain mailing/emailing lists